In 2018, Kateřina Tučková, together with literary historian Eva Klíčová and translator and photographer Sylva Ficová, initiated the project entitled “Even a Light-Bulb Has a Statue” to point out that there are hardly any statues of important women in the streets of Czech cities. In Brno, for example, there are about seventy statues and busts of men, often quite controversial ones, but there is only one statue of a woman, student activist and communist Marie Kudeříková – despite the fact that many women contributed to the growth and reputation of the city. The aim of the initiative is to inspire the creation of artefacts that would remind us of important women of Czech history, appreciate their historical role, and inspire girls and young women to find their role models.
You can follow the initiative here: https://www.facebook.com/izarovkamasochu/


Kateřina Tučková was the founder and the first president of the Meeting Brno festival. Every year, the event organizers invite representatives of different opinions, cultures and religions to discuss pressing historical and present issues.
The most important contribution of the festival was the initiation of the official apology to the victims of the so-called “Brno Death March” of May 1945. The apology took place on the occasion of the Reconciliation March in 2015. Two years later, the festival held a meeting of the members of Jewish families that lost their property during the nationalization after World War II and left Czechoslovakia.
Kateřina Tučková resigned from her position in September 2018 to protest against the violation of the ethical codex of the festival, especially against the collaboration with sponsors who, in her opinion, harmed the reputation of the festival. More information can be found here.


During her university studies, Kateřina Tučková started organizing exhibitions of her peers. In 2014, she founded the ARSkontakt project – an annual public exhibition of young painters and graphic designers, where the ARSkontakt Award is announced as well. Between 2005 and 2006, Kateřina Tučková worked as a curator of the ARSkontakt non-profit gallery, focusing on the presentation of the youngest generation of artists. Between 2010 and 2018, she was the art-director of the Chrudim Exhibition Hall.
During her career as a curator, Kateřina Tučková focused on modern and contemporary art and collaborated with many Czech art institutions such as the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, the Faculty of Fine Arts of Brno at University of Technology, the Brno House of Arts, the Moravian Gallery in Brno, and a number of private galleries, for example, the Vltavín Gallery in Prague.
Her most important projects include the exhibition Normální malba (Normal Painting) in the Mánes Exhibition Hall (2008); Transfer, the exhibition of painters from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in the Whitebox Gallery in Munich and in the Bohemian National Hall in New York (both in 2008); and Our House Is Your House, the exhibition of Czech and German artists presented in Prague, Dresden and Munich.
For more information, visit www.arskontakt.org.


Since Kateřina Tučková considers the growing distance between the Czech and Slovak languages a great loss for both cultures, she also translates literature written in Slovak. Her aim is to provide Czech readers (especially the young generation) access to the literature of their neighbours. Her translations include Pátá loď (The Fifth Boat; Větrné mlýny, 2012) by Monika Kompaníková, and Místa v síti (The Places in the Net; Argo, 2015) and Mezerovitý plod (The Fruit with Holes; Větrné mlýny, 2019) by Veronika Šikulová.